Automatic Pencil Sharpener Company

The Automatic Pencil Sharpener Company was a U.S. company that was the largest manufacturer of sharpeners in the years 1907 to 1914. Pencil sharpeners produced by this company were sold under many different brand names. These sharpeners were considered the new and improved ones for the time period. In today’s age the sharpeners produced by this company would not be in much demand. Too much technology has almost obliterated the use of crayola colored pencils due to everyone using tablets and phones that they can speak to in order to put down their thoughts.

Essington N. Gilfillan:

The man who came up with the sharperThePoint: Best Electric Pencil Sharpener and the improved pencil sharpener was named, Essington N. Gilfillan. This Chicago business man patented the Automatic Pencil Sharpener in 1907. His design made it where the pencil was held firmly in place while the rotating cutter blades shaved the wood off. The blades actually cut with the woodgrain, like a knife would. This actually reduces the chance that the sharpener would lock up due to going against the woodgrain.

Costs Difference:

Today’s automatic sharpeners are a good bit different, they are electric instead of hand cranked. However, the pricing is pretty different as well. The Automatic Pencil Sharpener was originally sold for $3.50. The electric sharpeners we have today can have a starting price of $17.99.

No Longer Exist:

Times have changed a good deal since the days of the Automatic Pencil Sharpener Company. In fact this company no longer exists. I did a good bit of research trying to find out why it is no longer a company but have not been able to find out what happened to it. It is sad that this company does not exist anymore but the innovation and drive of those who founded it and other companies like it are the reason that there are similar industries today.

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