Wool Dryer Balls – A More Natural, Chemical Free Way to Dry Your Laundry

Are you sick of your dryer sheets and fabric softener making you sick? The ingredients contained in both products vary to some degree but the main culprit are all of the toxic chemicals and other harmful additives that are soaked into our skin after we wash and dry clothing. Wool dryer balls just may be the solution to your problems.

Escape From Chemicals

Besides being made of wool, drier balls are a cheaper way of drying clothing. They bounce around inside of your dryer fluffing up your clothing in ways a dryer sheet never could. Plus you won’t ever be exposed to any toxic chemicals. Your skin will thank you too. Many ingredients found in both dryer sheets and fabric softener are actually absorbed through the pores, leaving you with itchy and dry skin. Sometimes these chemicals can even trigger rashes. Even more “friendly” dryer sheets that are dye and fragrance free contain dangerous ingredients.

Wool Dryer Balls - A More Natural, Chemical Free Way to Dry Your Laundry

Cut Drying Time

Another great reason to support using wool dryer balls is that it helps reduce utility bills by 25%. By drying your laundry more quickly you will use less heat or electricity depending on what type of dryer you use. When you first use dryer balls be sure to watch your loads carefully. It is possible to over dry laundry even with dryer balls and over drying leads to static cling. For best results, spray your wool dryer balls before setting them loose in your dryer. The dense balls cut drying time because of their density while raising humidity which prevents the development of static cling.

Dryer Balls Last

Compared to expensive dryer sheets and fabric softener, dryer balls last up to 1000 loads. A typical box of dryer sheets might get you through roughly 100 loads of laundry but once that last dryer sheet is used you have to make a trip out to the store to buy another box. This can add up to a lot of money over time. Since dryer balls can be reused multiple times, you can save your extra money and spend it on what you really want.

Wool Dryer Balls - A More Natural, Chemical Free Way to Dry Your Laundry

Green Laundry

Using wool dryer balls is a great way to make the switch to green laundry. It’s a known fact that fabric softeners and dryer sheets are the two most toxic items in every home. Once you rid yourself of them you’ll begin feeling a difference. Dryer sheets and fabric softeners literally make and keep you sick. Escape from the toxic chemicals and begin to recover.

If you’re skeptical about where the wool from the dryer balls originates from, you can always buy organic wool yarn and make your own dryer balls. With a small investment of your time you can easily work winding the yarn into a ball. When it’s about the size of a tennis ball the most time-consuming part is over. You’ll need a blunt needle to wind the tail of the yarn tightly through the ball to secure it. Cut part of an old nylon, toss in the wool ball, and tie off the end with some string or yarn. After that’s done, just toss it into a wash cycle to tighten it up further. After the wash cycle ends, your ball is ready to be thrown into the dryer.

Living healthy doesn’t have to be costly or frustrating. Start small by eliminating the chemicals in your laundry room with wool dryer balls. Whether they are homemade or store bought, you’ll be glad you made the change. Saving extra money from it is just another added bonus.